TOM Group


About TOM (The Order Machine)


Solid foundation

TOM Holding N.V. was founded in 2009 by BinckBank and Optiver as a joint venture. In 2010 ABN AMRO Clearing Bank joined BinckBank and Optiver and became the third shareholder of TOM Holding. The fourth stakeholder was IMC financial markets (IMC) in 2012. All stakeholders play an important role in the European financial markets, each within their own discipline.

TOM’s shareholders have committed themselves to make TOM a success. Because of this commitment and the close cooperation with TOM and its shareholders, TOM is a stable and steady organization with potential to become one of the main players in the European financial markets.

Shareholders of TOM Holding


Founded in 2000, BinckBank is an independent online bank for investors. BinckBank is ranked in the top 5 in Europe and is listed on the NYSE Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam. BinckBank has the ambition of becoming the largest online bank for investors in Europe. Being the number 1 online bank for investors in the Benelux countries, with strong expansion in France, BinckBank is well positioned to achieve this objective. Currently, Binckbank has more than 530,000 accounts.


Since being founded in 1986 with a single floor trader, today Optiver is one of the fastest growing and most successful proprietary trading firms. After almost 25 years in the industry, providing liquidity remains paramount, contributing to the stability and functioning of global financial markets and economies at large.

Optiver's strategy is focused on being active on a large number of traditional and alternative trading platforms covering listed derivatives, futures contracts, shares, ETFs, bonds and foreign currency. Operating as both a primary and a competitive market maker, Optiver is one of the principal participants in the NYSE Euronext Liffe segment (derivatives) and involves itself on all the major European equities and derivatives platforms.

Over recent years, Optiver has taken a leading role in broader industry initiatives, such as TOM and BATS Chi-X Europe that also promote efficiency and transparency.

Optiver has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney, Hong Kong and Tapei. Regarding its people as its most important asset, with 600 colleagues around the world the company covers all time zones, enabling trading 24 hours a day.

ABN AMRO Clearing Bank

ABN AMRO Clearing Bank is one of the largest independent third-party clearers in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the US and offers trading facilities and global clearing for the derivatives, equities, bonds, commodities and energy markets. With more than 680 employees worldwide, ABN AMRO Clearing Bank provides general clearing services for products listed on more than 85 exchanges throughout the globe, as well as market access to over 50 of those exchanges. ABN AMRO Clearing Bank processes 8 – 10 million transaction per day and consistently ranks within the global top three providers in the field.

IMC Group

The IMC Group is a global financial organization with a presence in Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Zug. It is structured around two core entities: IMC financial markets; A successful proprietary trading group, active across all significant markets, exchanges and instruments and IMC asset management; A leading alternative asset manager with a range of institutional and private clients. IMC employs over 600 people worldwide and the head office is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Best execution

TOM Smart Execution is a best execution service offered by TOM and focuses on the best execution of equity and derivative orders. TOM Smart Execution checks several exchanges (including TOM MTF) to comply with the best execution obligation for banks and brokers. By using TOM Smart execution, banks and brokers can easily find the best prices for their clients and offer them the best execution available.